PSA: Autocompletion is broken in Xcode > 14.1

Just a note that we have seen issues with newer Xcode versions ( 14.3 and 15 beta ) and autocomplete / code completion not working.

Xcode 14.1 seems fine. So if you have an earlier Xcode version and can avoid updating it that is recommended.

If you need to downgrade you can grab the older version here:

Or if you don’t have a developer account:

We’ve reported this issue to Apple and will see if there are workarounds we can do on our end.



Yeah I noticed this too going from 14.2 to 14.3, but thought it was just me or maybe this happens sometimes and its normal. I have not tried 14.3.1 yet. It’s really awful when the autocomplete isn’t working. I downgraded to 14.2 which has/had been OK for me.

I feel like macOS works better if I wait a bit longer to update, and if I monitor that things are working correctly after each change. With linux (Debian) I could update and/or upgrade quickly and often, and didn’t have to worry about it quite as much.

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Just a heads up, I submitted a bug report and they seemed to have fixed this in Xcode 15 beta 5.
So I would recommend Xcode 15 when it comes out or stick with Xcode 14.1 or 14.2 from the links above.