PS3Eye microphone unable to open?

Hi guys,

I’d like to use the microphone in the PS3Eye as an input. I’m already using the camera. I know that the microphone works because I’ve tested it with the multimedia systems selector as well as used it for skype calls in Ubuntu 9.0464bit.

Right now I can only use the built in mic/line in on my laptop. when I edit the ofSoundStream.cpp to use device 3 as input, the ps3eye mic:

audio->openStream(	device, nOutputs, 3, nInputs, RTAUDIO_FLOAT32,  
                      		sampleRate, &bufferSize, nBuffers);  

I get the following output:

...device = 1 (hw:Intel,0)  
----* default ----*   
maximum output channels = 2  
maximum input channels = 2  
device = 2 (hw:Intel,1)  
maximum output channels = 2  
maximum input channels = 0  
device = 3 (hw:CameraB304061,0)  
maximum output channels = 0  
maximum input channels = 4  
starting audio...  
RtApi: no devices found for given stream parameters:   
    RtApiAlsa: error setting sample rate (44100) on device (hw:CameraB304061,0): Invalid argument.  
RtAudio: stream is not open!  

The other 2 devices work as they should for their respective ins and outs. I tested using the microphone by itself without starting up the camera to the same effect.

Any ideas?

It might need a different sample rate - not everything does 44100.


It doesn’t seem to work with any combination of sample rates or number of channels.
I saw on the thread of at NUIGroup that each channel is supposed to be 16bit 48Khz. I can’t even get audacity to open it. Well, line in will have to do for the time being, not a big deal.