ps3eye CS-Mount enclosure

Hi folks, I’m not sure if this is the best forum to post this, but I though I would share my method of creating a CS-Mount enclosure for the ps3eye. this way I am able to use a higher quality and higher zoom lens than the stock plastic one.

you may notice that the images shot with the cs lens have some color distortion. this is due to the lack of an ir filter. this is the only part of the project that I am unhappy with.

more images:

I used the metal adapter rings on the front and a plastic one on the back to sandwitch the enclosure. i also added some epoxy putty to the back inbetween the plastic ring and the enclosure to keep everything in place.

seems that the jpg compression of upload these images make them all look like crap :-/

Great Idea!
I always wanted a CS-Mount for my PS3 but was too lazy and had no idea how to mount some CS-Objectiv.
You should post your information on the nui-forum ( as there are a lot of people using this camera.


I got my new lenses! these things are 6-100mm zoom, f1.8 and HUGE

Hi Tim ,
do you have some construction guidance or some adresses of your hardware suppliers?
I would like to make some sort of enclosure like yours, and i’m quite a bit jealous :wink:

Hey sloopi, I’m planning on building another enclosure sometime soon so I might do some more thorough documentation of the process, since it took a long time to get right.

To get started, you’ll need cs/c mount lenses, these are the ones I ordered:


You’ll also need cs->c adapter rings or something similar. I ordered 10 metal and 10 plastic which you can also find on eBay.

The project enclosures are generic black plastic, I think I got one from RadioShack and one from a local electronics supplier. Just find one that fits the board and isn’t too big for your needs. The easiest way I could come up with constructing it was to attach the board to the front plate with miniature machine nuts/bolts/washers (found at a local hardware store) using existing mounting holes on the board and drilling holes through the front plate.

Drill a large 1" hole that lines up with the sensor and then sandwich the front plate with the metal ring on the outside and the plastic on the inside. I had to sand down the plastic ring because it sticks out too far. I also used some epoxy putty on the inside to keep things together, I imagine crazy glue would be a good alternative.

The key in all of this is doing accurate measurements. Having a micrometer handy is essential. I had a template for drilling holes but I have to make a new one. I’ll make it on the computer and post that here when I make the next enclosure. As far as drilling holes, I actually did a lot of them by hand, without power tools to be more precise, but if you have a good drill press with no play that ought to work fine.

Hope this helps, I’ll post a more complete documentation when I finish the next enclosure.

Hi there,

I am looking for this setup. The ps3 camera with the CS lens. The only thing i want to know is how and where to put the bandpassfilter.
And also what size i need to use for a perfect fit.

Hope to here from you guys.



The filter I used is actually the one in the stock ps3eye lens. It would be nice if you could just unscrew the lens from the mount, but they glued it on, so I ran the lens through a band-saw to chop of the lens part and keep the filter and mounting structure. This works well if you want a visible light pass filter, but I have not tried any IR pass filters so I can’t comment on that.