PS3 Eye - how to use CodeLaboratories SDK in oF

Hello everybody, this is my very first post here.
I have some skill in Java/Processing and Actionscript, but I’m an absolute beginner in C++/oF.
I’m seriously hitting the wall trying to get my project working and hope you will kindly give me some advice.
In an interactive art performance I’m working on, I worked until now with a PS3 Eye using CodeLaboratories drivers and SDK API in Processing/Windows 8. I decided to use CL APIs because they allow me to control exposure, gain and any other parameter of the camera. But I’m not satisfied with frame rate I get with Processing, so I’m trying to port my project to oF even if I never wrote a line of C++ before.
Until now I got PS3 Eye working only with ofVideoGrabber, but I can’t use it in my project because there are no camera controls available. All other solutions I find around are out of my C++/oF knowledge, at least for now. I find mainly code for OSX/Macam, which I’m not able to adapt for Windows, and the few ones which are already based on Windows give me only a bunch of compiler errors (Code::Blocks+GNU GCC Compiler).
Is there anyone knowing how to use Code Laboratories APIs with oF in a not too complex way?
(Or maybe it’s simple but I don’t know exactly what to do…)
Thank you very much in advance!

Did you try using ofVideoGrabber settings window functionality?

It won’t let you do settings programmatically but you should be able to adjust settings via the pop up settings window.

Hi Theo,
thank you for your reply.
With vidgrabber.videoSettings() the setting window pops up and shows control sliders but actually it doesn’t work, all sliders don’t respond to mouse. And even if there’s a way to make it work, it may be useful to me just in the first steps of image process developing, in my project is fundamental to save and recall camera settings programmatically.

would this addon help? seems like it uses libusb from ofxKinect, so maybe it’s cross platform?

cc @bakercp

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Hi Zach,
great! I think this addon would be perfect… but I get 32 errors in the build log!
Can’t figure out what’s happening, I copied all addon files from github to the right (?) places following the directions in oF site and added ofxKinect. But it doesn’t work.
I can see it has been made with Xcode and I use Code::Block, maybe some problem because of the quite different project management between IDE’s?..

What version of of are you using and what ide? I’ve tested the grabber with Windows and it appears to be working on windows…

Hi Cristopher, nice to meet you.
I’m using of_v0.8.4_win_cb_release, Code::Blocks 13.12., Windows 8.1.
If there are no problems with versions and ide I suspect I am doing some kind of mess with addon files…