PS3 cam undetected in OSX, works after unplug->plug

Hi there,

I have two remote installations using a PS3 cam in a student housing complex. The installations are always on and every night the computers are soft-rebooted. With one particular installation, every now and then the iMac won’t detect the PS3 cam anymore after reboot (and switches to the built-in iSight, but that doesn’t seem to be a factor creating the issue). I’ve tried rebooting again and fidgeting with disabling/enabling the iSight in the hopes of somehow triggering a response in the detection of the cam but to no avail. I’ve fixed this in the past by physically going over there and simply unplugging and replugging the cam. Understandably that that’s a shitty fix, hoping to get some hints here on possible solutions.

Using USB Prober (supplied in Apple’s developer kit) I saw to my surprise that yes the camera is detected, but somehow not complete enough to become operational / usable. Here’s a few screenshots showing the difference between good detection (on my own machine) and bad (on the remote installation).

Correct detection (on my own machine):

Incorrect detection (remote machine):

The vendor’s detected just fine, the system knows that it’s a USB camera… but what’s keeping it from going all the way? Is the usb connector slowly slipping out of the usb port?

Well, here’s hoping that one of you has some hints. Thanks in advance cause this is really frustrating! :frowning: