Provisioning profile can't be found

I’ve tried searching on the forum for help on this but I can’t seem to see it, but forgive me if this has already be answered.

I’m trying to setup the opneframeworks iPhone thing, and I’m able to build and install iPhone Xcode projects from apple without a problem, and the OF stuff also works fine in the simulator. The problem is when I try and target my iPhone with the accelerometer example I get a code sign error, telling me the provisioning profile can’t be found. Followed the (excellent) setup docs on the OF site and as far as I can tell everything is in place.

Can anyone point me to how I can solve this?



glad the setup docs are almost working!

this is a problem that came up after the docs got put together. We really need to update the examples to fix this… soon :slight_smile:

the issue is that all of the projects default to 2.2 as the base sdk, and if you’re using the 3.0 or 3.1 sdk the lowest they can link is to 2.2.1

so this problem has a pretty easy (if not confusing) fix.

open up an example to fix. Double click on the xcode file from the groups and files list (it should be the top item). Change the configuration you’re editing to ‘All Configurations’

and then fin the setting for ‘Base SDK’. It should say iPhone Device 2.2 (missing)

click on iPhone Device 2.2 (missing), and select iPhone Device 2.2.1.

you should be able to compile now

Wow! That’s brilliant. Works perfectly and thanks for the speedy reply.

Right, now to make something awesome.


great! glad i could help!

share your awesome when you make it :slight_smile: