Protocol for extending OpenCv: example - Masking in OpenCv

Hi Guys,

I have been trying to figure out the best way of extending the ofxCv addon for myself and still integrate with people on the forum. For example, zack issued the bug, and then I had to do a code compare of my libs to the new ones and edit my branch. Is that what everyone else is doing or is there a github sort of setup for working with certain addons?

Example: This is one I use a lot now in ofxCvColorImage:

// added by Seth - pretty simple  
void ofxCvColorImage::mask( ofxCvImage& src, ofxCvImage& mask) {  
	if(src.getCvImage()->nChannels == cvImage->nChannels &&  
	   src.getCvImage()->depth == cvImage->depth) {  
		cvCopy(src.getCvImage(), cvImage, mask.getCvImage());  
	} else {  
        ofLog(OF_LOG_ERROR, "Masking image types do not match");