Properly adding addons in Codeblocks> some confusion

I’m confused about the proper method to add addons to a project as there seems to be conflicting information,

First I have copied the ‘alladdons example’ and used that as my template.

Next I have taken a working Xcode based project and copied the src folder and bin/data folder contents over to this new template project.

It almost compiles but was getting undefined reference messages which mostly referenced the ofxgui addon.

To add the missing addon in CB
Project>Build Options

making sure that ‘alladdonsExample’ is highlited in the left panel

Then chose ‘Search directories’
and added the following path

then did a complete rebuild. But still compile errors
So obviously I did not link to the addon correctly.

Is it necessary to ALSO go to Linker settings and link missing libraries or is there something else that I am missing?

In case of its any benefit to anyone…
Solved my issue. I was missing one step

right click the project under the Projects tab, then select Add files recursively: