Projectors & what is good to look for in them

howdy folks,

as this title says, im asking about projectors.
now to start off. budget is a requirement. I don’t think there is any reason to spend a lot for minimal use.

but my main question[s] are in what makes a good projector, or what features are best. especially for creating works using oF or something similar.
plus I think having a discussion so others can see would be good & even recommendations if people have any

im personally on the look out for one for live visuals & mapping. but I guess others would have uses for them in other departments :wink:


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I would start from the obvious ones: lumens, resolution, average noise, budget.

Then, think of what kind of throw you need: how further away you need to move your projector to have a bigger image (short throw will give you a big image while being very close to the projected surface). You can look for models and compare their throw on projectorcentral.

Once you’ve assessed these main limits, you should be left with a small subset of projectors, either LCD or DLP, LED (a quick search will tell you the main differences). Probably at this point your budget will give you the final answer.

Hope this helps!

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good to know. thanks x

A balance of good contrast ratio and lumens imo - the former so that black areas of an image are as dark as possible, and the latter for overall brightness (inc. situations where the projector will be further away from the projected surface).

If you forgo resolution and get an older model then its possible to get something with good specs at a budget - I bought a 720p “H183X” and am happy with it.

If you have more budget then short-throw projectors are great for all types of situations - you can set it up metres away from a surface and have it cover the entire area (plus no loss of brightness from distance).

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This is also a good site for whittling down specs:

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