Projector simulation in program

Hi guys,

I just started working with oF and wrote a small program that draws walls at X, Y and X planes. I am looking to simulate light falling from the projector on these walls. I wanted to get some suggestions on how to project light from these points, and the frustum visualization with the near and far planes. Is there anything already built that I could use to get this up quickly?

I also have an image showing the projector, frustum and the projection on the wall that I want to build. Here’s the image:

The blue and the green points are the projectors. The blue point shows the viewing plane, far clipping plane and the light falling on one of the walls.

I think that @elliotwoods has done something like it.
Check out his github, there is a lot of useful things regarding projections.
Also check out the 3D examples, there you’ll find how to use the ofLight and ofCamera classes.