Projector device to block light beam

Ok so I’m getting crazy with this search.
I remember I saw somebody in the forum posting/talking about a device (remote controlled) to block the beam of light in a projector. Just a step motor and a remote receiver, but nicely done.
The usual purpose was to get rid of the ugly visible gray square when the projector sends a off signal (black).
I can’t figure out who, or where to find any info about it.
If anybody could help me out to get some sleep tonight :slight_smile:


Not sure if you know him but Roman Torre who lives in Barcelona, sells this kind of device:

Perfect! thank you so much!

You are looking for a “dmx shutter”. There are a few options with a Google search. Fullcompass seems to sell one.

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Many projectors have them built in. Cheap solution is a cd drive from a computer and a long cable for the open close button.