projector/beamer mounting?


i want to project out of a third-storey bay window on to the pavement.

this involves a fairly extreme angle. it’s not quite 90 degrees off horizontal, ie perpendicular to the pavement, because the beamer needs to stay indoors, out of the rain with the window closed; it’s probably more like 75 or 80 degrees. the idea in any case is to have the beamer high up on the inside of the window, looking down over the pavement, as close to vertical as possible. i know i’m going to lose some brightness because of the glass, but that’s ok at this stage.

so, at the moment i’m temporarily perching the beamer on a stack of hard cases and some bits of stuff that i found lying around the apartment… this is very much a temporary solution.

any advice for doing this? what have people used in the past? i’ve seen installations where the beamer was suspended from the ceiling using a couple of pieces of strong nylon thread; this guy suggests thumbscrews, hooks, and chains, or wire baskets. but neither of these are specific to what i’m trying to achieve…


just found this, which seems super nice:

The ultimate holder for small projectors (and cameras etc.) is manfrottos magic arm. The consist of a arm with one handscrew that when you loose it, you can move the whole arm, and when fasten it, it locks the whole arm. Then you can get different clamps for it. Often a camera bracket fits in projectors aswell.

They are a little expensive, but great to have.



thanks, these look perfect.