Projecto Arruinado

“Projecto Arruinado” is an interactive video installation i worked with Tiago Cerqueira, Joana Bergano and Helder Cardoso.

It consists of 5 different scenes each with its own video content and means of interaction which can be based on movement, position or interacting with objects.

unbelievably beautiful !!

how does the quadro 3 works ? do you jump in the video file depending on the coordinates the gun shoots ?

Hi LineKernel

yes, on Quadro3 people wake her up by shooting her. Its a series of clips which advance every time the dancer gets shot.
The gun has an IR light which lights up when the gun is shot. The light is tracked by a camera behind the canvas and compared to a separate video of the dancers silluette to check if its a hit.



waouw the compared dancer shape and the position of the shot idea is genius!

love it!

Truly impressive! This makes me want to start working on a project like this :smiley: