Projection onto a sphere

I would like do in a high school a projection on a sphere similar to the NOAA project Science on a Sphere. My target is project a realistic earth generated whith four video projectors sharing a equatorial cylindrical equidistant projection.

I have the projectors and a graphic card that allow share the video between the projectores.

My problem is how to warp the video to get a real earth projection on sphere. Is it posible whith open frameworks.

Best regards in advance and excuse my english.

One way I can think of doing this is to create a grid that has the earth texture on it. You can then deform the grid points to be whatever mapping you’d like, while keeping the texture coordinates of each vertex the same. I’ve seen someone do something similar for simulating barrel distortion in a 3d rendered scene. He deformed the grid mesh using a formula for barrel distortion correction. I can’t find the example now, but hopefully this makes sense to you. If not I can make a quick diagram