Projection mapping + targeting objects for Video (low latency, high speed/real-time) - LOS ANGELES

We are a production company.
We are making a cool video using new projector technology and seeking a team to help us assemble this immediately.
We want to film end of Jan early Feb.

It will look a lot like this:

Video example

This is projector technology for high-speed and synchronized mapping on target objects that are not marked, such as people, as a new form of projection mapping.

HOW? well, we hope you would be telling us!

We do know they used a simple $99 Xbox Kinect to do this… are you a wizard who can do the same?

Do you have EXPERIENCE with this?
If so please reach out to us with VIDEO EXAMPLES of your work.
or take a few minutes to send a simple, low-fidelity test captured with your smartphone.

We assume you have the equipment (or know exactly what to rent) and the tech background to make it happen in a professional and orderly manner. You also understand how to implement our designs and are able to manipulate them to work for the choreography. The point is to have this be an interactive design for dancers to “play in” although we will have a very choreographed story mapped out too.

Besides the back end prep, we also need 1 pre-light day + a shoot day… and any post deliverables needed.
reach out to us at:

Thank you!