Projection mapping on a movable object - Kinect v2

Hello all!

Congratulations for this awesome project, so many interesting things to try!

So, I’m intending to use openframeworks for my graduation project hopefully my plan is doable :smiley:

The general idea is to use a kinect v2 to do a projection in a specific movable object. I was thinking in projecting something in a guitar, like what notes should be played, for instance. Its focused in a specific guitar model, so the solution don’t need to generalize so well if it makes things simpler;

The basic idea is similar to what is described here:

Does anyone have recommendations about how to do it? If I follow the paper approach it would be necessarily a 3D / pointcloud approach, but it could be implemented in 2D with openCV, as well right?possibly with a significant performance degradation.

Thanks in advance!

maybe you can reuse existing addons or at least get some inspiration. Most seem to be outdated.
e.g. this one here GitHub - genekogan/ofxKinectProjectorToolkit: openFrameworks addon for calibrating a Kinect to a projector for real-time projection mapping onto moving surfaces, there are more links in the readme.
Hope that helps a bit

Hey @thomasgeissl!

Thanks sharing this references! I’ve seen some of them, but I’ll definitely look in more depth.