Projection Mapping - Cinema 4D + ofxMapaMok


I want audio and/or midi responsive motion graphics to be displayed on a real world 3d object (something relative to a skrillex or amon tobin show, but I want it to respond to the music, or perhaps user input).

I’ve managed to learn how to model and early animation in cinema 4d, and I’ve been able to export the model .DAE (COLLADA) so that it works with mapamok properly - looks cool. But now I NEED MORE CONTENT! How can I go about displaying more shading effects, colors, animations on my object in mapamok?

Someone has told me about UV coords and texture baking which I’ve been learning about, but I just wanted to reach out there and see if anybody else could share their workflow experience with me? I’m not looking to steal any ideas, I just need to understand the concept to be able to determine if I’m heading in the right direction.

So, any advice how I can make more animated patterns/shades within mapamok? Anyone care to take me by the hand and help walk me through this?

All feedback is greatly appreciated!:slight_smile:

Lol… Nothing?