Projection mapping addon


I have following problem:
I need to map around a window. I have been trying to use the ofx2DMapping addon, but I run in problems compiling the code (see image). I dont know how to fix it. Any suggestions?

Are there also other addons that might work?

Thank you very much!

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Looks like a ofVec*f to glm transitioning issue, can you show the full error and from where it comes from, these are usually easy to fix.

It seems like the addon isn’t supported anymore.

Try one of those :
ofxProjectionMask :

ofx360Projection :

or ofxWarp :

They are up to date.



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Thanks for the responses!
Further down is a more detailed picture of the error Xcode gives me.

I will check out the other addons as well! Will it be possible to map an fbo around a window/rectangle? My first impression is, that you can do mapping with those addons, but not “around” a window or any other object.
Do you guys use openFrameworks for more complex mapping?
My backup plan will be to send it over syphon to an external mapping software. Would be nice to have it all in one though!

Thanks very much!
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The issue is with ofxTriangle and not the ofx2Mapping addon, as also documented in their issues

I’d suggest taking a look at ofxPiMapper (, which, contrary to the name, does work on other platforms as well as an addon.

Personally, I always go the Syphon -> MadMapper route when I’m dealing with complicated mapping situations.