projectGenerator is crashing in 0.8.3 release?

I just downloaded OF 0.8.3 release for windows visual studio.
But the projectGenerator.exe is crashing while selecting ‘addon’ section in it?
Do I need to build it from the source here at
If yes , how do I do that?

Thanks for ur kind help,


I’m also getting crashes in the win_cb and vs. Can you describe the exact steps to reproduce it? What addons are you trying to include (mine fails with ofxJSON).

I get the crash when I open projectgenerator.exe -> seelct addons -> it shows the list of addons -> crash after 2 secs without doing anything.

can you open an issue on the github repo? I’ll try to compile another version, my intution is that there is a problem with the gui and some optimizations that were introduced-- I’ve seen it in earlier versions of the PG. However, I was under the impression that this had been fixed, so maybe we just need to recompile this and update it?