projectGenerator idea - text replace testApp name

greetings all,

been a while since ive been on here. but have an idea for future dealings with projectGenerator.

when you choose the project name, it would be good if a button/toggle existed that would allow to change the testApp name to the project name.
obviously, some project names can be large so that may not be viable. so why not have a second text box to type what you would replace the testApp name with instead.

think that would clear up a lot of fannying around with changing text if youre that way inclined
what do you think?

Good thinking - though we might be able to skip the extra UI and customization and instead just use the project name as the prefix for the app classname ${ProjectName}App for a friendlier default. Either way it is definitely worth adding an issue-to-the-projectGenerator-project to request a better default (even better than testApp -> ofApp).