projectGenerator from the command line

I’m working on an app which has too many addons for projectGenerator to cope… PG throws “There was a problem generating your project… stdout maxBuffer exceeded”

I’m using the latest OF and projectGenerator on a macOS 10.12.6.

I don’t seem to have that issue using the command line version.

In case anyone else has to do this, here’s what I do to make adding and removing addons a bit less painful :

1 - I update my app’s addons.make file with all the addons I want to use then, with the help of this alias in my .bashrc :

alias ofxpg="~/workspace/openFrameworks/apps/projectGenerator/commandLine/bin/projectGenerator -o\"~/workspace/openFrameworks\" -p\"osx\""

2 - I can do this from anywhere:

ofxpg folder/for/my/App

or if I’m in my app’s folder then:

ofxpg .
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Hi Im getting the same errors.
But I dont understand. your path:

alias ofxpg="~/workspace/openFrameworks/apps/projectGenerator/commandLine/bin/projectGenerator -o"~/workspace/openFrameworks" -p"osx""

there is no /projectGenerator in the apps folder. I downloaded OF from the oficial website for OSX. Is your version from github ? I noticed the github repo has extra files. Still, not even in the github repo I see that /projjectGenerator folder.

Hi @omarojo. Not sure where I got it from but probably github. You’ll have to find where the projectGenerator bin file exists on your system. Put that in the first set of parentheses. And the location of your active openFrameworks project goes in the second set. The third set is for the platform you use.