projectGenerator from command line?

Hi all. Apologies if this is documented somewhere but I couldn’t find much about it on the site/github/forums/dev list!

Can the projectGenerator be run from the command line still? Was this an older feature that got removed at some point? I’ve tried launching it via command line on OSX:

cd apps/devApps/projectGenerator

Whether run with no args, --help, or things I saw in other threads (–linux ~/NewProjectDir, --osx ~/NewProjectDir), it still launches the GUI, or if compiled with COMMAND_LINE_ONLY it launches and quits.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Trying again, ping @ofZach. I found some references in of-dev threads from May & August to a seemingly in-progress frontend, but I’m still curious on the command line aspect. Especially since this definitely used to exist at some point (looking at this thread) but I’m still lost on how to invoke it, whether this was linux only, etc.


I’m in the process of refactoring and collecting all of the PG code over here:

I think all of the examples (including the command line version) are working.

… famous last words :smile:

@bakercp has put all the things together in one place, but I’m not sure about the design choices employed there (arturo and I made some suggestions) :slight_smile: Still waiting to hear back from @bakercp on that, I think we should move this all over to the openframeworks on github (in it’s own repo) when resolved.

ps: my work on the command line version is here:

the options can be sussed out by looking at

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Ahh very cool guys, thanks!

@zach – yes, it was all put on pause for the last month … I’ll get back on it soon and address the specific design feedback you all had. I’m hoping to use the codebase for project export (aka the ofSketch “eject” button) with the next version of ofSketch.