projectGenerator fails when running from command line


If I run the projectGenerator without arguments and use the provided GUI, I can create a new project.

But if I try to run it as a command line tool it fails halfway through. I would guess a step to make the source folder is missing:

mkdir ~/Public/carne  
./projectGenerator --linux64 ~/Public/carne  
OF: OF_LOG_ERROR: Error: Missing GL version  
OF: OF_LOG_ERROR: ofDirectoryLister::listDirectory() error opening directory /home/gabriel/Public/carne/src/  
tree ~/Public/carne  
|-- carne.cbp  
|-- carne.workspace  
|-- config.make  
`-- Makefile  
0 directories, 4 files  

Thanks for reporting this, I can reproduce it using latest develop and ubuntu 32bit. Could you open a bug report at please?

Sure thing,