ProjectGenerator.exe on Windows

Any reason why the ProjectGenerator.exe would just start failing to bring up a window ? no error messages. it works fine from a new OF release tree, but not in my current development tree.

Hi, is it related to the issue from RC2 which was fixed on RC3?

Or you’re on a different version?

I’m on the standard 9.8 production version…

I’m not on Windows so not sure if this makes sense, but could you start it from the command line? In Linux at least you sometimes get valuable error messages by starting a program that way.

What does it mean that it works from a new OF release tree but not from current development tree?

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I’ll try to start it from a windows command shell and see what happens. If I create a new OF work area by unzipping the OF source download (and double-click on the ProjectGenerator.exe, it works. It just seems to stop working in my dev area (actually in several dev areas), which leads me to believe it has to to with local files/state it creates.

Interesting, it does come up when I run it from the “windows power shell” which is like a terminal window on linux, when I run it with no arguments. when I double click on the .exe file in the file browser, it doesn’t come up. strange - but I guess I now have a workaround…

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