Projectgenerator "Command failed" in Windows

trying to generate/update a project with “ofxKinectV2” included. I downloaded the addon, put it in the addon folder, and the Projectgenerator shows it in the list. However, both while trying to update or create a project, I get the following message from the Projectgenerator app:

Command failed: “C:\Users\menno\source\of_v0.12.0_vs_release\projectGenerator\resources\app\app\projectGenerator” -v -o"C:\Users\menno\source\of_v0.12.0_vs_release" -a"ofxGui,ofxKinectV2,ofxOpenCv,ofxOsc,ofxXmlSettings" -p"vs" -t"" “C:\Users\menno\source\of_v0.12.0_vs_release\apps\myApps\newApp”

There is no further explanation or logging. The result of the command then, is an OF project, albeit without any addons.

Is there a way to find out what is going wrong? Or, also OK, is there a relatively painless way to manually add an addon to a OF project?

Greets, Menno

can you please paste this command in some Windows terminal, like cmd32
to see if the path of projectGenerator is correct or wrong?

“C:\Users\menno\source\of_v0.12.0_vs_release\projectGenerator\resources\app\app\projectGenerator” -v -o"C:\Users\menno\source\of_v0.12.0_vs_release" -a"ofxGui,ofxKinectV2,ofxOpenCv,ofxOsc,ofxXmlSettings" -p"vs" -t"" “C:\Users\menno\source\of_v0.12.0_vs_release\apps\myApps\newApp”

Could you check if there is a config.make file into the example/app project folder?

Sometimes, you need to delete this file before adding the folder to PG.
This happens sometimes under Windows, and maybe it’s a PG bug, but I am not sure.