Project Generator with multiple addons at once

Hello there,

I have been messing around with a few addons by copying over empty examples to my apps folder and it’s worked fine so far. I’m now trying to put together multiple addons into one project and from the suggestions I’ve gotten and other posts I’ve read; the project generator is the tool for this.

However, upon creation of the project and compiling, Visual Studio 2012 throws multiple errors at me. The three non-core addons I’m trying to get together are: ofxFft, ofxFx and ofxBullet along with the core addons except for ofxNetwork and ofxKinect.

At the moment, I’m stuck on these error messages:
Cannot open include file: ‘d3dx11.h’: No such file or directory
Cannot open include file: ‘CL/cl.h’: No such file or directory

Even though I’ve checked the files the errors are pointing at:

As I’ve said, messing around with examples from the bullet folder and even copying to the myApps folder works fine but I’m not sure how to make it work with project generator. I just follow the instructions and tick all the relevant add-ons when creating a project and I’ve checked my include directories from the project properties. I’m not sure what else I could try out so could someone please help out?