Project Generator support on rPi? Poco linker errors on nightly build

Pretty sure this is a known thing, but just want to check -

Compiling Project Generator on Raspberry Pi fails when linking Poco - with errors like:

main.cpp:(.text.startup+0xe64): undefined reference to `Poco::Path::current[abi:cxx11]()

whole output here

this is using the script with:

  • rPi3, Raspbian Stretch
  • nightly build of_v20180210_linuxarmv61_release
  • mesa drivers using bakercp’s method 2 (working nicely btw)

I’m guessing there are just parts of Poco that aren’t supported on rPi?

ps – also wondering if there’s a best method right now for cross compiling ?

I don’t cross compile, per se, but I’ve started to generate the project on my Mac (w/ project generator with additional ArmLinux6l makefiles), make a git repo for the project, write most of the code on Xcode, push to git and pull the repo from my rPi, and compile. If there are bugs then fix them from the Pi itself if it’s minor stuff and push back to the repo or fix bugs from Xcode itself.

Thanks - that makes sense. I think I may just set up a Samba share for a similar workflow, though I’d really like to compile on my PC too.

When I have a chance I think I’ll try a Debian VM following this thread by jvcleave, but with the nightly build.

I’m also wondering about docker, like