Project generator problem

I recently downloaded the latest stable version (0.8) of open frameworks on mac and tried to compile the framework without any code just to check.I generated the project using the project generator. I am getting some errors ,these errors were not there when i generated the project using the old 0.7.4 version .I have not added any kind of add-on also and this problem still persists when i try to download the fresh copy of open-frameworks.The empty example in the apps folder somehow is compiling fine . Here is the screenshot of the errors:

Also i would like to add that closing and restarting the machine or xcode is not solving the problem .


can you check the SDK in the build settings of the project?

Here you go:

Update : now the emptyExample is showing the same errors and is not compiling .What should i do , move back to 0.7.4 . :see_no_evil:
Since i am new to xcode , i really dont know much around xcode but i think some setting is being stored that is making this happen .

there’s a potential solution here – can you try it?

I think i already installed them quite some time ago because this is what appears when i click the downloads or is it going somewhere else ? , sorry if i am beeing a noob.

I also happen to go to the terminal to do “xcode -select” but it says xcode command not found :frowning:

INFO: I only have xcode 4.6.3

UPDATE: I just updated to xcode 5 .0 and now everything is fine and running good, “phew”, but i dont like the looks of xcode 5 :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all the help @zach