project generator lockup on ubuntu 12.04 64 bit

Hey there… I can’t get the project generator to build correctly on ubuntu 64 bit linux. This is with the version of OF from github. Here are the steps I am taking:

  1. pull from github
  2. run ./install_dependencies as root
  3. run ./compileOF (this seems to work without errors)
  4. build apps/devApps/projectGenerator both with make release and codeblocks (using the 64 bit workspace version)
  5. running the ./bin/projectGenerator causes a window to pop up, but doesn’t get filled. Nothing is dumped to terminal, and the window locks, and must be killed. It also sometimes locks up my machine.

These issues don’t occur with the 64 bit version downloaded from

oops, my mistake. The correct procedure is do 1-3, then do
git submodule init
git submodule update

then build the project generator that is in ./apps/projectGenerator/projectGeneratorSimple