Project Generator javascript error?

I suddenly have a strange problem with the Project Generator. When I try to import a specific project I get an error “uncaught exception, cannot read property length of undefined, resources\app\index.js, etc etc”

I can import any other project fine but for one specific project I get this error?

Any ideas?

Hmm, do you have any spaces in the project name or the folder you are trying to load?
I imagine making a new project works fine?


No spaces or special characters.

I found a (roundabout) solution which was to clone the project from git onto another computer and use the project manager on there.

could be maybe some permissions trouble?
you can try to move the OF folder to user documents/desktop…

Hmm @jay do you have an addons.make file in the folder?
Can you share what it looks like?

Does your src/ folder contain any subfolders or unusual files?




The src folder just contains the .h and .cpp files for my project. No subfolders or anything out of the ordinary.

Sometimes I’m having PG errors too, that requires to delete ‘config.make’.

maybe you can isolate if there’s some of the add-ons problematic…
you can try if their examples trigs the error too.

Ahh I am guessing that maybe one of the addons could be causing the issue?
I would try removing each line one at a time from the addons.make until it doesn’t error.

Then if you can isolate it to an addon it would be good to see what is in the addon folder structure that could be causing the error.