Project generator error with addons on macOS

Hey has anyone had/solved this error from the Project Generator when creating a new project with the ofxGui addon selected on macOS?

Command failed: /bin/sh -c "/Users/chilina/oF0.11.2n/projectGenerator/"  -o"/Users/chilina/oF0.11.2n" -a"ofxGui" -p"osx" -t"" "/Users/chilina/oF0.11.2n/apps/studies2201/study2201"

Also, the PG successfully creates a project without addons, but I get the follow error in a popup box when I try to open it:

The project ‘studies2201’ is damaged and cannot be opened due to a parse error. Examine the project file for invalid edits or unresolved source control conflicts.

Path: /Users/chilina/oF0.11.2N/apps/studies22/studies2201/studies2201.xcodeproj

Also the examples open and compile fine. There is file named of.entitlements that is in the emptyExample project folder, but its absent from a project generated by the PG.

I have the nightly build with a new install of Monterey 12.5, and Xcode 13.4.1. The iCloud drive is off. I didn’t have this error about 4 days ago before reinstalling Monterey. The examples seem to compile OK so far.

Edit: The nightly I downloaded on 7/21/22 is working great; I restored a backup of it; the of.entitlements files are not included with the projects.

projectGenerator and OF repository changed last friday to include of.entitlements, and now the XCode project is in JSON format so you have to use latest projectGenerator.

I’ve just tested here and it is a matter of projectGenerator (electron interface) have to be rebuilt to be working with the latest PG code.
I’ve opened an issue here:

If you need to use the latest you can compile commandLine latest using make, and using projectGenerator command line

cd $ofw/examples/gui/guiExample; ../../../apps/projectGenerator/commandLine/bin/ -o"../../../" .

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Ah OK thanks @dimitre ! So if I understand, the PG code has changed to allow for JSON, but the PG itself has not been recompiled yet, so its trying to use the older (pre JSON) code. I did. notice that the precompiled PG dates back to 4/7/21.

I’m fine with my backup copy (pre JSON); I just want c++17 and also some of the convenience things like the Project Settings that are in the nightly build. I’m new to Xcode so I panic a little when I get errors like this because I don’t understand them or how to approach fixing them.

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