Project generator don't create Qt project


I try to start a project with oF on Ubuntu but when I use the project generator I have only a .qbs file, if I open this file with Qt creator I don’t have any .h and .cpp files, if when I want to run it I get this box:

What did I wrong?

Thanks a lot for help!


sometimes qt creator has this bug, mostly with older versions so updating might help but in any case you can solve by going to projects and there selecting a kit. once you do that the project will finish configuring and the rest of the files will appear


I’m using Qt 4.6.1, as recommended, so I will try with the last version.
Do you mean going in Tools>Options>Build & Run>Kit ?
This is what I have there:

Changing for GCC doesn’t help.

If I right click on my project and select Build, this what I have:


no, on the left side there’s an icon that says projects. just click there and finish creating the project in the options that appear by selecting a kit and whatever else is missing