Project Generator does not add a selected addon

I’m using the project generator to create a project with several addons, the problem is that it does add all of them except for ofxTimeline. There are no error messages and the generated code:blocks workspaces opens just fine. So I have to manually copy all the ofxTimeline related tags from one of the example .cbp files in order to make it work.

Is there something like a log file generated by the project generator that lists any problems? Or is this an issue with ofxTimeline and is there a way fix it?

it looks like the is not configured right, so it’s overriding the default behavior which is to parse the folder structure for what files to add. Can you make an issue on the addon repo about this? The either needs to be filled out, ala:

or not have lines that are empty, ie:


which is essentially overriding the parsing of the filesystem.

Ah thanks! I’ll see if I can fix that myself in my fork and then send a pull request.

Got it. It turned out that several comments in front of the ADDON_* lines had been removed but no search paths had been given instead.

hey did you get ofxTimeline work on windows? I am getting some errors related to ofxTextInputField addon.

Yes I got it to work eventually, but since it’s been almost 2 years ago unfortunately I don’t recall the steps that I took.