Project generator 0.9.0 error


when i try to use the project generator i have this error:

Command failed: /bin/sh -c “projectGenerator” -o"/home/francescomarchesini/of_v0.9.0_linux64_release" -a"ofxGui" -p"linux64" “/home/francescomarchesini/of_v0.9.0_linux64_release/apps/myApps/tgk”
/bin/sh: 1: projectGenerator: not found

did you already run “” in scripts/linux ?

hey, sorry, i forgot to add the linux general install instructions, you can find them here now: linux install

also, both of the officially supported IDEs have plugins that allow you to create projects using File > new inside the same IDE so in most cases you won’t need to use the project generator. you can find instructions in the respective setup pages. If you only want to use makefiles or any other IDE through them, then the project generator is the easiest

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all go…

thanks a lot

…just move my question to new topic

There is still a problem with the linux install documentation. It reads (concerning projectgenerator):

When it’s done compiling it will ask you if you also want to install the
optional command line version of the tool which allows you to create
projects from anywhere on your system.

There’s nothing “optional” here; the GUI projectgenerator calls the CLI version. Worse, since both binaries have the same name, having the GUI projectgenerator in your path means that projectgenerator will A) not generate your project, B) report success, and C) run itself again.

The doc should be updated for now (and ideally one of the binaries should get a name change). Thanks!

Both binaries are still conflated in the 0.9.8 Linux download. As a quick fix:

sudo cp OF/projectGenerator-linux64/projectGenerator /usr/local/bin/projectGeneratorGUI

gives a command line projectGenerator and a GUI command projectGeneratorGUI.

Talking about project generator, I had to press Y at the end of the building phase to get the command line tool installed, just pressing [RETURN] to accept the default (that should be Y anyway) did nothing.