Project creation failed

Hi! I followed the instructions to install OF and Visual Studio on a Windows 10 machine. Things go well until I try to create a new project.

A popup window from Visual Studio tells me “Exception from HRESULT: 0x80041FE2”. I tried creating the project on different folders including myApps, and also not selecting the Create directory for solution.

Any tips?

Are you using VS2013? You can just ignore that message, I used to get it myself. Just switch to VS2015!

Thanks, I installed Ubuntu and it worked fine :slight_smile:

ps. It was 2015, freshly downloaded and installed from the MS page.

in case if helpful sounds like this:


Thank you so much! This definitely helped. The reason is that C++ isn’t installed for VS2015 by default. I created a C++ project then it prompted me to install C++, then the problem was solved.

Thanks for these tips, it helps me!