Programming a Timeline

Hi guys,

I’ve been working with OF for some time now, and for GUI programming I’m using moslty the ofxUI library from Reza.
What I need to do next is to implement a sort of timeline where you can drag diferent videos (in my case these objects you drag can be a 3d scene which will be rendered during the time you chose, but let’s avoid this scenario for the simplicity of the question).
So the point is to have a time line in which you drag these videos, much like Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas have (or any NLE video editing software), where there’s an horizontal panel to drag the files and a slider to set the instant from which you want to render the videos.

My question is, can I do this easily with the current GUI libraries out there?
Or do I have to program it from scratch?
If I have to program it all the way, any tips on what tools I can use?

Thanks in advance!

How about ofxTimeline?

Actually ofxTimeline has a video track that does similar things, at least can be a good base to start.

Wow, didn’t knew about this addon :smiley:

Thank you so much!

Also check this complete app using ofxTimeline
May be inspiring for your project

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The project Duration is great, it’ll be handy, for sure.

However, I was tryning to test ofxTimeline in Visual Studio 2012 but it only works in VS2010 right? :confused: