Programmer looking for internship

I am a 26 year old second year CS student from Poland looking for an internship abroad. I have been using OpenFrameworks for less than a year now, and my interests include creative coding and generative algorithmic art.

Programming has been my hobby for years now (about thirteen), I consider myself a farily experienced C programmer with some C++, C#, Java, Ruby, XHTML + CSS + JS background, but I am mostly language agnostic. I have however nothing to showcase, no completed personal projects so I am more than willing to do a small example project.

Even if you don’t have a finished personal project, posting some code contributions or some difficult studies you have worked on will help make some good connections for you. Since you have some web experience, I would definitely get a portfolio site going, which by itself can be an effective personal project.

Also, if you haven’t already, talk to your school to see if they can connect you with someone overseas.

Good luck!

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agencies frequently post job opportunities on the forum, usually under the “opportunities” category which it looks like you found:



Just to chime in with my personal experience. I postponed and postponed to make a portfolio / personal website. I was dreaming of an art+tech kind of internship but didn’t feel qualified enough (and lacking of a portfolio). Someone pushed me to go for it anyway. I send my resume to a bunch of agencies (interactive studio as a google keyword) and it worked for the best (I’ve been working in my job for almost 3 years now…).
I think a lot of creative coder tend to be more from an art background and learning tech on the go. Being technical with a creative edge is a great counterpart. Studio/agency with more than 5-10 ppl will have creative people (concept, design, motion,…) that can give you direction and assets to make something amazing built upon your tech skills.

So the bottom line is : apply to all the place you think are cool, even if your work sample doesn’t look super polished or good looking, showing interest and sensitivity to art might be enough if you can bring a sound tech background to the table.

Note : probably a good idea to edit your post to say how long is the internship you’re looking for (and if you contact people, if you can work in their country or if you’re confident you can get a visa)


Ok, thank you very much for your kind advice!

Hello xxp, check your inbox I sent you a message :wink:

I messaged you as well. let’s talk more via email!