programmatic control over USB UVC webcam parameters in Windows

I’ve seen a few mentions of this in the archives, but never anything definitive.

I repeatedly find myself needing programmatic control over USB webcam parameters. Most specifically, the ability to turn off autofocus, adjust focus, turn off autoexposure, and adjust exposure.

I found in videoInput.h ( mention of a few functions, such as setVideoSettingCamera(). However, any attempt I make at trying to call this results in an error (can’t find member function, no such name, etc.).

Is there any way within the current oF to get access to these things? I’m on Windows, using C::B. If not, does anyone have any clues/pointers to share to get me started? This must be possible somehow, since the cameras themselves come with little GUIs to make the adjustments I need.


i am using a logitech quickcam vision pro for mac.

with this code:

interesting! do you think it’s possible to get this code working on windows, or is it reliant on the ofxQTKitVideoGrabber (which as far as I know is only mac-based)? There’s some syntax in the code I’m not familiar with yet, such as the bracketed parameter changes (e.g. [cameraControl setAutoExposure:YES];). And are there any libraries outside of what’s used in that zip (and what’s included with oF) that I’d need or is it all there?


i am not very familiar with windows. but the only what i got this to work was with the qtkit, which is for mac. the bracket stuff is part of objective-c.

sorry that i can’t help more.

i got all my info from here:

Any news on this mixwhit? Any programmatic way to control USB webcam parameters?

Were you able to figure out a way to do this leefeel?

I’m really keen to know if there was ever a solution, I’m using Linux btw. thanks very much :v: