Programmable renderer

hello !

Anyone could give some basic explanation about what programmable renderer is ?

I see this more and more nowadays, and oF09 seems to embrace this also but i don’t really get what it really is. I did some reseach but didn’t find a lot of and information i found on internet are quite technical so it doesn’t really help

thanks a lot


To leave the past behind after OpenGL 3.2 all the old cruft was removed, so if you want to see anything on screen you are going to need to write a shader for it.

You want something red? Well then you need to have a vertex shader that transforms the vertices so they end up in the right place and a fragment shader that draws in red.

If you google some tutorials for OpenGL 3.2, OpenGL ES 2.0 or WebGL (they’re all pretty similar) and see the amount of code needed to get a triangle on screen it’ll make you sob quietly (or loudly)

When you set up an openFrameworks App to use OpenGL 3.2+ you’ll be using the programmable renderer which hides all this complexity for you, it’ll keep track of the state of what you are trying to draw and use an appropriate shader when you issue your ofDrawXXX commands.

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there’s also some information in the GL module documentation: