Program window on raspberry pi doesn't behave like windows on other platforms

Dunno if this is the right thread to bring this up in, but, I’ve noticed that drawing the openFrameworks window on the raspberry pi 2 is a little…off. For starters, there doesn’t appear to be a window surrounding the drawing (no closing button, resize, etc.). Second, stopping the application doesn’t clear the drawing from the screen, it just freezes the last frame on it. Anyone experienced something like this? Solutions?

OF doesn’t use the X11 window system on the RPI as X11 is not hardware accelerated. It instead draws directly to the screen (you don’t need to start X11 in order to use an OF app)

As for freezing on the last frame - how are you exiting the application? I typically use CTRL-C

Thanks for the explanation! I was exiting the process via the terminal, ctrl-c worked like a charm!

Yeah - the new version of Raspbian (Jessie) now boots to the Desktop/X11 by default. if you are just running OF apps you can save some GPU memory by going back to the old way via raspi-config