Production Co. looking for a Creative Coder skilled in generative animation and fluid dynamics

We are a production company in the NYC area looking for advanced creative coders. We are looking for someone who is collaborative and helpful. The interactive project we will produce uses computer vision to track people’s motion, allowing them to control visual elements on screen. The computer vision is complete, and we are now looking for a 2nd developer to join our team to aid in creating the beautiful imagery. We are looking for someone with experience programming generative visuals, for example, using algorithms to create visual elements such as particle emitters, trails, and ribbons, as well as incorporating physics and fluid dynamics for a natural, organic aesthetic.

Preferred skills in C++, C#, Javascript, or Processing, as well as experience with Unity.

We are developing in Openframeworks and Unity, but we can be open to other languages if applicable.

The schedule will begin in mid-November through mid-December.

Producer: Niki