Process Returned 3 <0x3)> problem

Hi there! We are trying to migrate a project from our laptop to a computer that will stay with our installation. We’re moving our code to a windows xp boot camp partition on a mac mini.
All seems to work ok and codeblocks is compiling and running the OF examples without incident. When we try to make our own code work, we’re able to get past the compiling stage, but as soon as the code runs we are presented with a

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way
blalabla (contact team )

Process Returned 3 <0x3>’
press any key to continue.

We are sitting here hoping to get this thing working so we can go home! Any one have any pointers for us?



I would guess you have a problem that will reveal itself when compiled on another platform / compiler. common causes (which I’ve seen often) are:

accessing arrays out of bounds
an uninitilized variable (which gets the value of whatever is there in memory)

also common is not having the media in the data directory, etc.

one option is to compile in debug and try to debug the app (debug works very well in xcode and codeblocks) or to comment out the draw(), then the update() then the setup() to find out where the crash is occuring. Ie, it happens in the first update() or it happens in setup(), etc. That can be very helpful for figuring out what it’s not working.

hope that helps!!

Hi Zach, thanks for the swift reaction!

It seems our problem was related to a network connection / configuration issue. We are sending (osc) data over a local network to a custom made basestation (which distributes the data to a whole bunch of light objects)… The basestation is using a static ip-address and after turning off the dhcp setting and switching our computer to a specified address, it just worked! :slight_smile: