Problems with xcode 7 + yosemite

I’m installing openframeworks for the first time.
I’m on a MB pro with Yosemite.
I get “Build openframeworks: failed” message.

This is what I did:
1 - Download Xcode 7 and openframeworks for xcode.
2 - Follow the instructions in the Xcode Setup Guide
3 - Then I found the post

on the MacOSX-SDK and followed the instructions: downloaded MacOSX10.10.sdk, put it in the right xcode folder, changed Base SDK in openframeworks folder.
4 - When I try to compile a first exmple (3DPrimitivesExample from of examples folder)
I get “Built failed” and the error: openssl/opensslconf.h not found.

What is wrong? What can I do?



Be careful about what project you should change.
Just locate “openFrameworksLib.xcodeproj” inside openFrameworks FOLDER wherever project you want to do.

I was just changing another file project.

I hope you get it.

I think this is what I did. I’m new at Xcode too…

Now I tried again, and I gota new list of 18 errors (I think in my first trial I accepted to change some settings I didn’t understood :frowning:

So, I started from scratch (downloading openframeworks again), and I just changed the Base SDK in openFrameworksLib.xcodeproj. Got these 18 errors, and “Build openframeworks failed” message.

Is it possible that I have to change some settings first? Where can I find information? I’m lost!


I found the problem… I cahnged to 32-bit architecture, and the example works!

Thanks for the help!