Problems with the "ofxKinect <V2>" plugin

Hello, this is the absolute novice of openFrameworks.

I saw the “CREA” project on and I found this item to be very surprised by me, I tried to install it, but finally showed "ofxkinect not available Equipment to find "

I have a kinectV2 version of the hardware, but the author says “Xbox Kinect sensor, preferably model 1414 <V1 version”

I am trying to replace "ofxKinect " with the “ofxKinectV2” < “plugin, but it will prompt a lot of errors, I do not know what to do, to delete” ofxKinect " Libs-libusbwin32-lib "?

The author says <If you have the ofxKinect (v1) addon in your project remove the ofxKinect libusb lib and use the one that comes with this repo instead.

Thanks in advance!