problems with the 4 pixs!

Hi Zach!

Im installing also Dev++… everythings works fine until I run opencv…

When I get the 5 windows I just can see working the last one… the other 4 pixs are blanc…+ when I want to exit from the program…hangs up…
It doesnt do dat whith other appl.

any idea?


can you replace the code in “computer vision” with this:…

that should fix the problems – we found some bugs switching to 0.03…

for the crash at the end, update the “main.cpp” to the new style, instead of :

testApp app
ofRunApp(& app);


ofRunApp(new testApp());

hope that helps!!

Hi Zach!
Ty for the info!!

It works but now when I close it and I get back to devc++…the compiler is empty: no files, no appl.I’ve to close it then and re-open the open cv appl.

Any trick for dat?


Never mind !! my misstake!!


Too tired, need fresh air!!
F/ :smiley: