problems with tcpUdpManager addon


I’m having no luck trying to use the tcpUdpManager ofAddon (I grabbed it from

I follow the instructions provided but when I try to compile I get some “undefined symbol” errors in TCPManager.cpp in WSAStartup, closesocket, socket, htons…

I have followed the instructions carefully and in fact have been to make other ofAddon to work (ofThread), so I think the problem should lie somewhere else.

I think it all has to do with socket stuff but am not certain about how to solve that… maybe a missing dll?

I’m on winxp with codewarrior

any pointers greatly appreciated.

thanks a lot!

Hey Jesus,

Sorry I need to update the notes - I forgot to say that ws2_32.lib needs to be included from your C:\Program Files/Metrowerks/CodeWarrior/Win32-x86 Support/Libraries/Win32SDK/

I would actually copy it into your libs folder first to keep all the linkage local.
I’ll update the svn intructions today.

Sorry about that!

wohoo, thanks. now it works!