Problems with Report to Moderator

I was looking through the introductions board, trying to figure out what sorts of things were posted there, and I came across: Looks like it’s not an actual introduction, but forum spam. I clicked the “Report to Moderator” button, entered a comment (“Spam?”), and clicked the Submit button.

It posted, and then returned the following message:

**"Ran into problems sending Mail. Error: 550 5.7.1 Sender domain not allowed. Please read:"
I dunno if this is a known problem—I didn’t see anything listed here. Hope it helps.

thanks, I removed the topic for now. about that problem, I’ve never seen that, seems your email provider is on some sort of blacklist?

Maybe, but that seems unlikely—my email provider is gmail.

Reading the link in the message, it seems that the server is trying to send an email from the Dreamhost server, but with a non-Dreamhost email address in the ‘from’ field. I don’t know if it’s trying to make it appear that it’s been sent from my address, even though it’s sending it, or if the from field is dynamically updated…

Does it work for you?

normally, if I remember correctly, mods get an email seemingly coming from the reporter, and this is normally working.