Problems with ofxVideoGrabberPtgrey


I’m trying to configure and grab images from a PT-Grey FLEA3 USB3 Camera (FL3-U3-88S2C-C) in Opernframeworks (v0.8.4_osx_release) with ofxVideoGrabberPtgrey but I reach this semantic issue error (

src/testApp.h:26:26: error: field type ‘ofxVideoGrabberPtgrey’ is an abstract class
ofxVideoGrabberPtgrey vidGrabber;

Anyone have an idea how resolve this?


I haven’t used this addon specifically, but honestly the built in PT Grey sdk is pretty simple. You may want to consider going that route instead since all the PT Grey addons I’ve found for open frameworks are fairly old and seemingly un-maintained (I tried a few different ones for a recent project and they all threw too many errors to be worth sorting through).

Hi guys, do you know how to display a video with Openframeworks and A Flea 3 camera on Mac?
I have been able to run the examples in the libdc1394 but not using OpenFrameworks.

Please I need a hand! Thank you in advance!