Problems with ofxTimeline and OF 084

Hi, when y try to compile the ofxTimeline addon examples i get this error :

||=== example-allTracks, debug ===|
D:\Users\Fabricio\openframeworks.0084\addons\ofxTimeline\libs\ofOpenALSoundPlayer_TimelineAdditions\src\ofOpenALSoundPlayer_TimelineAdditions.cpp||In member function 'virtual void ofOpenALSoundPlayer_TimelineAdditions::play()':|
D:\Users\Fabricio\openframeworks.0084\addons\ofxTimeline\libs\ofOpenALSoundPlayer_TimelineAdditions\src\ofOpenALSoundPlayer_TimelineAdditions.cpp|815|warning: 'void ofThread::startThread(bool, bool)' is deprecated (declared at ..\..\..\libs\openFrameworks\utils/ofThread.h:94): Use startThread(bool blocking = true) instead. [-Wdeprecated-declarations]|
D:\Users\Fabricio\openframeworks.0084\addons\ofxTimeline\example-allTracks\src\testApp.cpp||In member function 'virtual void testApp::setup()':|
D:\Users\Fabricio\openframeworks.0084\addons\ofxTimeline\example-allTracks\src\testApp.cpp|13|error: 'class ofxTimeline' has no member named 'addVideoTrack'|
||=== Build finished: 1 errors, 1 warnings (3 minutes, 55 seconds) ===|

I tried using a Openframeworks 081 and 008 but i get all different kinds of errors. Im on Windows using Codeblocks.
I used to had this addon working perfectly on oF 0073 but i canĀ“t use it anymore beacause of the CodeBlocks version changed after 074.

Any ideas ?

I had the same error using of 0.8.4 in ubuntu, using master or develop branch of ofxTimeLine.

A quick work-around is to remove the #ifdef TIMELINE_VIDEO_INCLUDED around addVideoTrack, in ofxTimeLine.ccp and ofxTimeLine.h.

Worked for me.