Problems with ofxKinect / libusb

Hi there,

I’m currently trying to run the ofxKinect example. The application builds fine but gives the error ‘This program can’t start because libusb0.dll is missing from your computer.’. I’ve been looking through the ofxKinect documentation and it specifies:

"Make sure to install or update the libfreenect Kinect camera, motor, and audio drivers through Windows Device Manager by pointing it to the driver folder:


What exactly does this mean? How do I install these drivers?

Thank you.

Steps 1-5 in this guide should work:

I’ve had similar missing dll issues when working with libfreenect on Windows. In the past I’ve just found the dll in question and manually placed it into my project bin folder. You’ll find the file you need here:

addons\ofxKinect\libs\libfreenect\platform\windows\inf\xbox nui camera\amd64

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Thank you for the reply.

I’m looking through the guide just now and I’m noticing that I only have the XBox NUI Motor and not the Camera or Audio - Do you think this might be a problem with my Kinect?

Thanks again.

The problem seems to have fixed itself, thanks for the help.

The link is broken. Do you know where else can I find the guide?

This should help -

If not search for - install kinect 7 device manager libfreenect - and you should find it.

Good luck!